Most military tents consist of 19’6 wide x 9′ roof pieces. Whatever the vintage, they were all made the same, so can be joined together. The old canvas walls have lift up window flaps and wooden side supports within the structure. All the army tent roofs are low, the walls being just 5’6 high. (TBC)

Our Captain Mainwaring marquee is dark green. The basic tent consists of two end roof pieces and one middle section to make a 27′ long marquee. We have extra dark green roof sections to make a 45′ long dark green marquee, fully walled.

We have a further large selection of army marquees with canvases in various shades of khaki green and browns.

A summary of our full military tent collection – 

1. Captain Mainwaring Ridge Tent

19’6 x up to 45′ long in dark green canvas

2. Pale khaki green ridge tent

19’6 x 27′ with a fixed 27′ long roof and walls.

3. Pale khaki green ridge tent 19’6 x 27′

Can be added to tent 4 to make a longer tent

4. Green ridge tent

19’6 x 36′ with walls and roof that are different shades of faded green

5. Mixed canvas tatty marquee

19’6 x 27′ with walls

6. 14′ x 14” WW2 A shaped army ridge tent

Supported by just two poles with a central cross beam. £250 plus VAT

Marquees 3 and 4 can be interchanged, so one long 45′ marquee can be made. We have another tan roof section that can be added to make a 54′ length roof. The walls are of varying shades from dark green, to very pale khaki, dark and faded browns.

Our oak frame Suffolk marquee is a unique structure that has sometimes been used in conjunction with the military tents as the canvas colour is

Hire prices include erecting and dismantling the marquees.
Transport costs are calculated depending on distance and quantity of items.

Our dark green canvas Vintage Scout tent, Captain Mainwaring is 19.6′ x 27′ and is £500.00 plus VAT to hire. Captain Mainwaring has solid walls with mesh windows with roll down canvas flaps all the way round.

“We have an invaluable weapon in our army, ingenuity and improvisation.”


HIRE CHARGE: From £500 plus VAT

SIZE: 19.6′ wide, 27′ length

Our traditional oak frame gazebo is 4m x 4m and constructed from chunky 6″ oak beams. A stunning shelter, each side can be extended by 2m to create a cover that is 4m x 6m or 4m x 8m.

Perfect for a bar or reception area (annually gracing the entrance to Big Feastival in Oxfordshire), this lovely structure can be erected on hard ground as well as grass.


HIRE CHARGE: From £1,350 plus VAT

SIZE: 4m wide, 4m length

Traders tent

Our unique canvas vintage market traders tent is 14’6″ x 8’4″. The front can be rolled up or stretched out at the front to create a canopy all along the front of the marquee. Popular as a festival traders tent and for film work, with no internal poles there is plenty of room inside the marquee.

HIRE CHARGE: From £380 plus VAT

Army ridge tent

A new addition to our army stock of tents, this ridge tent is 14′ x 14.
Very popular for film work.

HIRE CHARGE: From £150 plus VAT each


Joey is our original ivory colour vintage canvas 1950’s fishing tent.

HIRE CHARGE: From £85 plus VAT each


We have an assortment of old fishing/camping tents all dating from 1960’s.

HIRE CHARGE: From £85 plus VAT each


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